Beta 2 - Feature Update

Published on: Jun 13, 2016

Get ready for the next round: Beta 2 released.

Check out what’s new:

White-label support:

Starting with Beta 2, the white-label option drastically improves how you can integrate Delight VR seamlessly into your corporate identity! In addition to custom colors it is now possible to change the logo, watermark, brand url and player name to your liking!

Video Quality switching:

Multiple video sources with freely selectable quality configurations and quality names are now possible! It’s as easy as adding new video sources with the “quality” attribute to the Delight VR Video element. Make the best out of your user’s available bandwidth and raise the bar on compatibility by defining multiple qualities today!

Native "Cardboard Camera" Image format support:

Did you know that you can take amazing stereoscopic panoramic images using Google’s Cardboard Camera app on Android? Try it out! And better yet: Now you can directly share those images on your website by using the new Delight VR Image format “CARDBOARD_PHOTO” and the image from your phone as a source.

And it doesn’t stop there: With the upcoming release of the Delight VR Tour you can transparently use these panoramic images to define your own 360° 3D stereoscopic tours without investing in expensive hardware!

Better iOS/Safari Video support:

Delight VR now has better support for audio on iOS. No extra fallback solutions for iOS required: Just use the same video source for all platforms using Delight VR and let your users enjoy a truly cross-platform compatible experience without annoying pop-ups or caveats. Delight VR also informs your users about potential CORS problems with Safari and let’s you specify fallback-urls to minimize friction for your customers.

Controller Support:

Preliminary support for external controllers such as the HTC Vive’s or Gamepads has been added and they can now be used to interact with content in Delight VR. We continue our mission towards being truly headset and input-device agnostic! Stay tuned for more exciting news on how to interact with content in Delight VR.