Delight VR Official Launch

Published on: Oct 6, 2016

Delight VR officially launched today. Free to use and with incredible features.

Thank you!

Delight VR has been in Beta for around 5 months. During this time we had the opportunity to tackle many real-world challenges brought to us by our beta testing clients and of course the chance to learn a lot about todays Virtual Reality market.

Supporting a multitude of platforms and HMDs, solving numerous customer requests and learning from all your valuable feedback allowed us to shape the v1.0 release version of Delight VR immensely.

That’s why we want to say: Thank you for all your support and patience.

"Seeing our Delight VR customer and user base grow this fast tells me, that we're doing the right thing. I love what people build with our technology."

Dr. Andreas Wilhelm, Co-Founder & CEO of Delight VR

"We believe in the freedom of content creators and want to enable everyone to be a part of the VR movement. That's why we decided to let everybody use Delight VR for free!"

Frederik Maucksch, Co-Founder & CTO of Delight VR

Delight VR is free to use.

Virtual Reality is a new and emerging technology as well as market. For it to grow and reach it’s full potential creators and content publishers need a stable base to build upon. Therefore we’ve decided to make Delight VR free to use and accessible for everyone: personal, small business and enterprise. By signing up to our services you’ll get access to all basic features of the Delight VR Solutions.

If you need help with the integration of Delight VR we are also offering additional Services like our Professional Support Plans or custom project realizations.

A lot of amazing features ... coming soon!

Already more than 8 million videos are watched every month using Delight VR.

But this is only the beginning. Within the next weeks we’re going to extend our product by a lot of amazing features such as spatial audio, the content hub, VR analytics, the Delight VR Mobile SDK, content hosting, encoding, a live streaming solution and more.

Stay tuned!

"I'm really excited about all the great features we're currently working on. Some will really blow your mind."

Matthias Wolff, Co-Founder & Lead Developer of Delight VR