Introducing Spatial Audio

Introducing - Spatial Audio

Published on: Jan 20, 2017

Spatial Audio.
Surrounded by Sound.

Delight VR Video just got more immersive with the addition of our Spatial Audio feature! You and your customers are now able to locate every sound within your spatial audio enabled productions.

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What is Ambisonics?

Ambisonics is a different way of encoding sound in an orientation independent manner. This is achieved by transforming sound into a different basis function and storing the parameters of said basis functions in one channel resp. The higher-order the function is the more precision can be represented in the signal but the more channels will be used. First order ambisonics are currently a good fit since they produce 4 channels of parameters for the basis and thus fit inside a single 5.1 stream. Second order ambisonics would require 8 channels and thus could fit in 7.1. As soon as the standards improve on storing ambisonics data, Delight VR will strive to support even higher order streams.

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Introducing Adaptive Streaming

Introducing - Adaptive Streaming

Published on: Jan 10, 2017

Adaptive Streaming

With the newest release of Delight VR one of the most requested features is now available: Adaptive Streaming. With adaptive streaming your users will always enjoy a fast startup time and high-quality video playback according to their available bandwidth. Similarly you can save CDN bandwidth and thus cost by only transferring those video segments that are actually played back on the user’s side.

Delight VR supports both most used adaptive streaming protocols, MPEG-DASH and HLS for maximum compatibility and integrability into your existing workflow. As of now you can use MPEG-DASH and HLS sources for 2D, 3D, 360° Video and 180° Video monoscopic and stereoscopic formats using our <dl8-video> element. Additionally you can display MPEG-DASH and HLS streams within our virtual cinema environment.

Adaptive Streaming is at the core of any fast and reliable video delivery solution in the Web: Users want to experience fast startup times of videos and want to always experience the best quality that can be delivered given their bandwidth requirements. This is where Adaptive Streaming shines. In contrast to progressive video the seeking times also rapidly decrease as the video is segmented into smaller chunks that can be efficiently selected for decoding and result in less wasted decoding overhead when seeking.

From a content delivery standpoint, both DASH and HLS provide the most future proof technologies in terms of possible quality output from one source and minimizing overall outgoing bandwidth and thus costs on your CDN. It is also the stepping stone in any content-delivery architecture towards live-streaming and new advanced features we’ll be showcasing soon, e.g. foveated streaming for high-quality next-level VR video content delivery.

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Related features coming soon

  • Encoding Service
    Providing a performant encoding pipeline and reliable delivery for HLS and DASH compatible streams can be a daunting task. That’s why we will offer an encoding service that does the heavy lifting for you. With a simple dashboard and a programmable API it will integrate in all workflow needs you might have.


  • Live streaming
    Live streaming is the next market for VR video delivery. Switching to Delight VR Adaptive Streaming right now, leaves you prepared for the next big thing in VR as the technologies are the technical prerequisite for VR live streaming.


  • Foveated Streaming
    VR Video is sometimes bemoaned due to its perceived “low quality”. This is due to the fact that 360° (or 180°) of video (possibly stereoscopic) have to be compressed into a single HD or 4k video stream. Foveated streaming approaches solve this problem by providing high-quality streams at those regions of the user’s field of view, where it is most required: The so called fovea region. This means higher quality content, can be streamed at roughly the same bandwidth requirements as with a normal pipeline. Delight VR’s aforementioned Encoding Service will be providing support for a high-quality foveated rendering approach. DASH and HLS Adaptive Streaming protocols are the gateway to becoming compatible to the future of high-quality next-level VR Video streaming.

Delight VR Official Launch

Delight VR Official Launch

Published on: Oct 6, 2016

Delight VR officially launched today. Free to use and with incredible features.

Thank you!

Delight VR has been in Beta for around 5 months. During this time we had the opportunity to tackle many real-world challenges brought to us by our beta testing clients and of course the chance to learn a lot about todays Virtual Reality market.

Supporting a multitude of platforms and HMDs, solving numerous customer requests and learning from all your valuable feedback allowed us to shape the v1.0 release version of Delight VR immensely.

That’s why we want to say: Thank you for all your support and patience.

"Seeing our Delight VR customer and user base grow this fast tells me, that we're doing the right thing. I love what people build with our technology."

Dr. Andreas Wilhelm, Co-Founder & CEO of Delight VR

"We believe in the freedom of content creators and want to enable everyone to be a part of the VR movement. That's why we decided to let everybody use Delight VR for free!"

Frederik Maucksch, Co-Founder & CTO of Delight VR

Delight VR is free to use.

Virtual Reality is a new and emerging technology as well as market. For it to grow and reach it’s full potential creators and content publishers need a stable base to build upon. Therefore we’ve decided to make Delight VR free to use and accessible for everyone: personal, small business and enterprise. By signing up to our services you’ll get access to all basic features of the Delight VR Solutions.

If you need help with the integration of Delight VR we are also offering additional Services like our Professional Support Plans or custom project realizations.

A lot of amazing features ... coming soon!

Already more than 8 million videos are watched every month using Delight VR.

But this is only the beginning. Within the next weeks we’re going to extend our product by a lot of amazing features such as spatial audio, the content hub, VR analytics, the Delight VR Mobile SDK, content hosting, encoding, a live streaming solution and more.

Stay tuned!

"I'm really excited about all the great features we're currently working on. Some will really blow your mind."

Matthias Wolff, Co-Founder & Lead Developer of Delight VR

Beta 5 - Feature Update

Beta 5 - Feature Update

Published on: Jul 15, 2016

Introducing: Delight VR Cinema

Checkout all changes below:

Virtual Cinema

The Delight VR family of elements just grew larger with the introduction of the Virtual Cinema element. The Virtual Cinema element let’s you create amazing showroom experiences to display 2D and 3D stereoscopic video within a customizable room in VR. Start building a virtual showroom for your products or a virtual cinema experience for showing your 2D and 3D movie content right now!

Explore the Cinema Element

Inline error reporting

Delight VR now reports errors regarding declaration of your Delight VR Suite tags early and inline such that you and your customers will not be subject to any surprises when clicking on Delight VR powered content. This feature will be in effect for all elements in the Delight VR Suite starting today.

Beta 4 - Feature Update

Beta 4 - Feature Update

Published on: Jun 30, 2016

Cinematic Video: Watch 3D movies in VR

Checkout all changes below:

Support for regular stereoscopic and monoscopic videos

With the latest version of Delight VR (v1.0.0-beta4) we added support for various flat video formats. Now you can add regular videos as well as 3D videos to your site and watch them in VR!

Let your customers sit back, relax, grab an ice cold drink and enjoy a virtual cinema experience.

Explore the Cinema Element

Beta 3 - Feature Update

Beta 3 - Feature Update

Published on: Jun 17, 2016

Update: Launching VR Video Controls and Delight VR Tour!

Checkout all changes below:

VR Video Controls

Delight VR just got better with the introduction of a fully featured 3D user-interface for videos! Your customers are now in full control while being immersed in Virtual Reality videos. Staying true to our mission of providing truly HMD agnostic experiences, Delight VR’s 3D UI supports gaze based interaction as well as optionally button and controller interaction.
To further strengthen your brand identification, Delight VR’s 3D UI fully respects the common Delight VR customization options, thus providing a coherent experience on your site that extends into VR!

Checkout the Video Element

Delight VR Tour Support

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Delight VR Tour element! The tour element provides you with a fully declarative way of building interactive connected tours. Be it from stereoscopic 3D renderings, stereoscopic 360 photos, mono 360 images or even Cardboard Camera images: The choice is yours! Impress your customers today with an interactive tour!

Checkout the Tour Element

Gaze based Interaction

With the new release of VR Video Controls and Delight VR Tour we have taken great care to provide headset and input device agnostic interaction. Gaze based interaction is fully supported and optionally available buttons as well as controllers are taken into account. This means seamless scaling from Cardboard solutions to Gear VR to high-end HMDs like the Vive or Oculus and ultimately a better and coherent experience for your customers!

Beta 2 - Feature Update

Beta 2 - Feature Update

Published on: Jun 13, 2016

Get ready for the next round: Beta 2 released.

Check out what’s new:

White-label support:

Starting with Beta 2, the white-label option drastically improves how you can integrate Delight VR seamlessly into your corporate identity! In addition to custom colors it is now possible to change the logo, watermark, brand url and player name to your liking!

Video Quality switching:

Multiple video sources with freely selectable quality configurations and quality names are now possible! It’s as easy as adding new video sources with the “quality” attribute to the Delight VR Video element. Make the best out of your user’s available bandwidth and raise the bar on compatibility by defining multiple qualities today!

Native "Cardboard Camera" Image format support:

Did you know that you can take amazing stereoscopic panoramic images using Google’s Cardboard Camera app on Android? Try it out! And better yet: Now you can directly share those images on your website by using the new Delight VR Image format “CARDBOARD_PHOTO” and the image from your phone as a source.

And it doesn’t stop there: With the upcoming release of the Delight VR Tour you can transparently use these panoramic images to define your own 360° 3D stereoscopic tours without investing in expensive hardware!

Better iOS/Safari Video support:

Delight VR now has better support for audio on iOS. No extra fallback solutions for iOS required: Just use the same video source for all platforms using Delight VR and let your users enjoy a truly cross-platform compatible experience without annoying pop-ups or caveats. Delight VR also informs your users about potential CORS problems with Safari and let’s you specify fallback-urls to minimize friction for your customers.

Controller Support:

Preliminary support for external controllers such as the HTC Vive’s or Gamepads has been added and they can now be used to interact with content in Delight VR. We continue our mission towards being truly headset and input-device agnostic! Stay tuned for more exciting news on how to interact with content in Delight VR.

Delight VR Beta Launch

Delight VR Beta Launch

Published on: May 10, 2016

Say hello: Delight VR Beta Launch

As of today you can try out DELIGHT Engine with our newest product Delight VR.
Delight VR enables you to smoothly integrate a multitude of VR content like 360 Video, Panoramic Images and 3D Models with your website using declarative HTML only.

We’re very excited about the product and invite you to check it out!